It starts with similar DNA

What do ARMLS, Metro MLS and realMLS have in common? Our groups are on the same MLS platform, own their own tax systems, have the same customer service philosophies, have progressive MLS boards, and a shared vision of the MLS of the future. We’re not alone – Markt is now serving several MLSs across the country.

Joint Venture Turns into Markt

Chris Carrillo (CEO, Metro MLS) and Matt Consalvo (CEO, ARMLS) both noticed something interesting in 2017, Metro MLS and ARMLS were very similar. The collaboration between two non-contiguous markets meets a national necessity for MLS consolidation that can finally provide a more customer-centric approach. Technology means that physical separation is no longer a barrier to collaboration and innovation. For example, many would be surprised to know that their listings are stored in a data-center outside of their state already today.


An agreement just among friends is not innovation in itself. In 2019, Markt had grown into a company with departments, goals and its own leadership. Real success came with the addition of Markt’s third owner, realMLS, championed by CEO Nicole Jensen. Her contributions have helped mature Markt services for the open market.

Today, Markt has preformed services for more than 11 MLSs, from full-scale departmental services to one-off projects.