The Information Market, TIM for short, was founded  in 2005 by Tom Ruff and Jim Patterson to provide a faster and better data reporting system. TIM data powers applications like the Monsoon Tax System and Street Scout.

How do I find a list of pool owners in my city? How do I target only homeowners and exclude renters on my customer list? Many local businesses already know the power of our data but it’s time to ask, what can we do for you? Municipalities, pest control companies, cable providers, restaurants, pool cleaners, mortgage companies and other businesses can all benefit from our data warehouse. Chances are that if your customers or service area is in Maricopa county or Pinal county (Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, etc.), we have the data you’re looking for.
120 S. Priest Dr. Suite 103 – Tempe, AZ 85281